The city of Kitchener is situated in the Saint Lawrence Southwestern Lowlands of Southwestern Ontario. In the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Kitchener is one of three of the ‘Tri-Cities’ located snugly between Waterloo and Cambridge. It’s also just 100km away from Ontario’s capital Toronto, which can be reached in around an hour by car.

Unlike some of the rainier and colder cities of Ontario, Kitchener has a lovely continental climate, with average lows of -10.3ºC in the winter, and highs of an average 26ºC in the summer, meaning residents of the city get to experience every season of the year at its best. For people from outside of the country, Kitchener is a city that goes to prove Canada isn’t all ice and snow!

To really enjoy Kitchener’s generous climate, be sure to check out all the natural landscape it has to offer. Head to the beautiful and historic Victoria Park to sunbathe in the summer or huddle up with a thermos of hot chocolate in the winter and admire the signature lake in wind, rain, or shine. Victoria isn’t the only park to check out either- in fact, Kitchener has a tremendous 220 parks!

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